La gastronomía complementaria

Tesoros dulces y salados

La gastronomía complementaria

La anchoa o el bonito tienen costeras muy cortas, pero son siempre imprescindibles en nuestra cocina. Las conservas artesanales, originadas en cada puerto para suplir el déficit estacional, evolucionaron hacia las marcas de hoy, aún artesanales pero tecnificadas en el envasado.


Fish preservers

Come to the coast and enjoy an unforgettable delight for all your senses by the Cantabrian Sea.

Learn more about the fascinating history of Gipuzkoa's fish preserve industry and make the most of the experience! It's well worth it.


Gipuzkoa has a long chocolate-making tradition.

Following its introduction to Europe, local confectioners were quick to learn the techniques for elaborating this delicious new product. Some of the chocolate companies founded at that time are still in business today, keeping up the family tradition. What better way of discovering the secrets of chocolate making: by learning to manufacture (and taste!) it yourself. Here are three ways you can let yourself be led into this sweet temptation.