Cider and Txakoli

Cider and Txakoli

Edari berritzaileak

Discover the aromas and landscapes that wine tourism offers in Gipuzkoa. Our wines are txakoli and cider or “sagardoa”, "apple wine" in basque, from sagar (apple) + ardoa (wine)



Cider and everything that comes with it has become a genuine social and culture phenomenon in Gipuzkoa.

It brings together families and friends, marks special days on the calendar and attracts local celebrities to announce the start of the cider season. Two museums, nearly one hundred cider houses, and countless activities will introduce you to the secrets of this liquid gold.


In the early 19th century Txakoli wine was made in the farmhouse exclusively for home use.

More recently this wine has seen a boom in popularity, with over two million bottles produced each year, many exported to some of the world's finest restaurants. This light, refreshing, slightly sparkling white wine is grown under the appellation of origin Getariako Txakolina. A number of Txakoli wineries can be visited, some of which become the venue for exciting events throughout the year.