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Gipuzkoa offers excellent options for all types of professional meetings. In addition to the magical natural setting, a blend of green hillsides and blue coastline, the region boasts one of the most charming cities in the world as its capital.

A perfect location for professional tourism

Throughout its history, Gipuzkoa has hosted some of the finest examples of art and culture and is known far and wide for its excellent cuisine. It’s no wonder that the region holds more Michelin stars per square meter than any other place on the planet (second only to Kyoto, Japan) and is home to Europe’s second university of culinary arts, the Basque Culinary Center.

These are some of the many factors that influence the identity of a region on the go, a place known for getting it right, an excellent destination for all types of meetings. A number of venues are located throughout Gipuzkoa, unique spaces with their own special character and equipped with all the latest technology for congresses, conferences, cocktail parties, seminars, lectures, courses or any other kind of meeting. The venues are unique and distinctive, each with its own history, identity, own past and passion. But they all have a common goal: to move forward and offer the best possible solutions.

Basque coast


Cristobal Balenciaga

A one-of- a-kind venue to host your business meeting. The opportunity to host special events, business meetings, product launches and receptions is made available at the Museum dedicated to master couturier, Cristóbal Balenciaga, father of couture fashion. This unique space is an excellent option for an event not easily forgotten.
A number of options are available: a room with cathedral ceiling, 4 well-lit rooms that can be used together in conjunction with the auditorium or individually, and an auditorium with equipment for press conferences and other types of meetings. And the jewel of the crown is the Atrium, at the heart of the Museum, an extraordinary setting for dinners and other larger-scale events.

San Marko Fort

The fort of San Marcos is a military construction located in Errenteria built after the Third Carlist War to defend the Port of Pasajes and communications with the French border. The site offers various boardrooms, a large hall, and several meeting rooms that can be configured to suit meetings, conferences, press conferences or cocktail parties.


The FICOBA exhibition centre offers both easy access and an excellent location near the French-Spanish border. FICOBA is less than 5 km from both San Sebastian airport and the Spanish train station (RENFE), and only 5 km from the French train station (SNCF, with daily connections to Paris.
The exhibition centre also enjoys a unique setting as part of the Bayonne-San Sebastian Basque Eurocity, Txingudi bay, the Basque Coast, and the Basque Country in general. The area between Hondarribia and Irun has over 1000 hotel rooms and the region boasts more than 12 Michelin star restaurants.

Itsas Etxea Auditorium

The Itsas Etxea auditorium is located in Hondarribia, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain according to several Spanish magazines and newspapers. This fishing town is known for its brightly painted houses, lively street life, exceptional historic old town and excellent cuisine.
The Itsas Etxea auditorium offers 2500 mº of floor space and is fully equipped with audiovisual and conference technology that can be tailored to events including theatre, cinema, music performances and other cultural programmes, as well as business events and congresses.

Rural Paradise



D’elikatuz is a museum of food and gastronomy located in the heart of the Basque Highlands in the town of Ordizia. D’elikatuz offers a room suitable for meetings, presentations, assemblies or any type of professional event required by any business. The room is outfitted with a screen, laptop computer, projector and free Wi-Fi. Work menus for events can also be arranged with different restaurants in the area.

Tinglado market place

The Tinglado market (Zerkausia in Basque) is a beautiful semi-open marketplace located in the old town of Tolosa. It was built in 1900 on the bank of the Oria River in the old city. The building houses a market every Saturday and is a venue for various events and performances. The building is an 800-person capacity nave that can accommodate different layouts, and has an oval-shaped space in the middle for smaller scale events. The terrace that wraps around the entire building can be used for different activities and provides stunning views of the river.


Anyone who takes part in one of the workshops offered at Topic will never forget this very unique place. TOPIC, the international puppet centre, is a magical place that houses an exceptional exhibit of marionettes and puppets from around the world. The centre has a 250-seat auditorium with easy access, comfortable seats and row spacing, sloped floors and good visibility. The venue is ideal for conferences, debates, congresses and conventions. The 'Ambigú' is a large foyer space (150 mº) featuring a bar, small kitchen and corresponding services.

Igartza Palace

Built in the 15th century, this stately home is part of historic buildings and monuments of Igartza, together with the bridge, iron works, mills and cider press. The Igartza palace offers a unique venue for business meetings, product launches and congresses. Your event can be rounded out with a txokoli and cheese tasting experience.

Iriarte Palace

A 17th century mansion in the middle of nature. A perfect, modern, charming space in a beautiful setting for your most exclusive events. Facilities, rooms and technological equipment suitable for seminars and events, specializing in seminars for a maximum of 18 people. All of the rooms in the hotel are set aside for your event. A perfect place to get the most out of your work day and at the same time enjoy moments of quiet leisure.


The perfect place to get away from the noise and focus on your event in peaceful surroundings. Agroaldea Goizane is a resource centre for rural development located in the heart of Aralar Natural Park. The centre has quality equipment for video conferences and meetings. Events can be rounded out with activities led by local farmers or tastings of local delicacies at the gourmet store.

San Sebastian



The Kursaal Auditorium and Conference Centre of San Sebastian is a spectacular piece of architecture designed by Rafael Moneo. Overlooking the Bay of Biscay, it is the hub of the city´s cultural and conference activity, hosting over 200 events a year and drawing 500,000 visitors.
The two translucent glass cubes that make up the Kursaal offer multi-purpose spaces equipped with the latest technology, ranging from a 1806-seat auditorium to various meeting rooms (for 10 to 575 people) to exhibit areas.

Victoria Eugenia Theatre

Located in the city centre, the Victoria Eugenia is one of the San Sebastian's most emblematic landmarks. Since its opening in 1912, the theatre has witnessed the city's most prominent cultural events in its more than hundred-year history. The theatre has recently been refurbished, offering an innovative stage concept, together with the latest equipment and services, while preserving its original charm and character. With seating capacity of 910 in the main auditorium, the theatre also has multi-purpose spaces for hosting activities related to the performing arts.

San Telmo Museum

Situated in the heart of San Sebastian's old town, the San Telmo Museum is housed in a monumental 16th-century Dominican monastery with a contemporary enlargement.
It offers a number of options to both public and private entities interested in using the space, resources and facilities to host their activities and events: conferences and presentations, business meetings, cocktail parties, formal dinners, concerts, photo shoots, advertisement filming, awards ceremonies, work events, debates, and more.


The San Sebastian aquarium provides comprehensive event planning services for
organizations that want to give their teams and clients a pleasant surprise. The venue is
ideal for meetings, seminars, presentations, press conferences and social functions. Guests
are immersed in a sea of sensations that will help organizations meet their business
objectives in a unique marine environment. The aquarium has a 164-seat auditorium and
multi-purpose rooms, and offers specialised tours and catering (provided by Aquarium

Eureka Science Museum

Located in the San Sebastian technology park, surrounded by countryside while only 10 minutes from the city centre, Eureka! Zientzia Museoa is a Museum dedicated to furthering science education. The building offers facilities perfectly equipped for all types of events: business meetings, courses, training, congresses, cocktail parties, conventions, product launches, press conferences, and more.

Basque Culinary Center

Basque Culinary Center is the second gastronomy University in Europe. It is housed in a unique and spectacular building situated in San Sebastian, the Mecca of haute cuisine. The BCC has a 200-seat auditorium equipped with the latest technology, a kitchen, waiting rooms and photo studio for cooking demonstrations and conferences.

Miramar palace

The Miramar Palace affords spectacular views over La Concha Bay, the jewel in the crown of San Sebastian. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, Miramar was built in the English cottage style as the summer residence for Queen Maria Cristina. It is the perfect setting for exceptional congresses, gatherings or seminars. The building offers classroom-style rooms with seating capacity of up to 195, public address system, simultaneous translation facilities, giant screen, projector and Internet access.

Ignatian Land


Garaia Innovation Centre

The Garaia innovation hub is one of the most cutting-edge centers in Gipuzkoa. This modern hub stands in the middle of Ignatian country – home to some of the area's most outstanding monuments. In conjunction with the renowned Mondragón University, technology centres and business R&D units, Garaia promotes a constant transfer of knowledge. It has three rooms, a digital classroom, a telepresence room and an auditorium with capacity for 210 people.

Bikuña Palace

The stately 17th-century manor home known as Bikuña Enea was built in Legazpi in the heart of the Valley of Iron. It is a medieval tower house with sophisticated architecture.
Today it is the headquarters of Fundación Lenbur, whose mission is to preserve and enhance the value of the region's cultural and natural heritage. Bikuña offers different spaces to hold events of all types.

Arantzazu Gandiaga

Arantzazu Gandiaga is a meeting venue located in one of the most visited sites in the San Sebastian Region – the Sanctuary of Arantzazu. This monastery, part of the 'Route of the Three Temples', features work by the Basque sculptors Chillida and Oteiza. At 750 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains and pristine landscapes, Gandiaga is the perfect place to work in a peaceful, quiet, stress-free setting. The centre offers a wide variety of versatile spaces to accommodate all types of events.

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