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Gipuzkoa: sea and mountain, on the coast or inland. You’ll find plenty to see, discover and enjoy in some magical locations in our list of ideas below. Take your time! Don’t leave any corner undiscovered.


Cider Country and the Magic of Chillida Leku

Donostialdea is the home of local cider, with all the associated liturgy. But there is much more; don’t miss the Galarreta ball court, the “Harria Hitz” urban promenade and, of course the magic of the Chillida Leku sculpture park.


Savour the sea in all its varieties

A weekend of pure fun, close to the coast. Beaches, fashion, fun, nature, and few drinks and all the flavour of barbeque grills. Once you discover it, you won’t want to leave.


Enjoy the landscape, cuisine and art... bit by bit

There’s lots to discover in Debagoiena. We suggest spending a whole weekend so you’ll have plenty of time to see all its natural delights, its architecture and its towns. And behind it all, you’ll discover an exciting history!


Top-class nautical leisure activities

Enjoy all the power of the sea in Hondarribia and Irun, in the Bidasoa region. You’ll find activities for all ages and levels, to make your stay unforgettable.


Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here

Tolosaldea and its capital Tolosa form a wonderful, authentic and exceptional region. Enjoy its market, its marvellous atmosphere at all times of day and the easy access it affords to villages with a long cultural tradition.

Concha Bay

All the sights you mustn’t miss in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a small city but there are plenty of hidden corners you shouldn’t miss. To make it easier for you, we’ve drawn up a series of trails to enable you to stroll through the streets and get to know the essence of Donostia-San Sebastian.


Enjoy the magic of Gipuzkoa’s hinterland

Enjoy the unexpected magic of Urola Garaia! Discover its natural gems, its nightlife, the story of musician and singer Joxe Mari Iparragirre and the history of the Iron Valley and Igartubeiti.

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