Pintxos, the Basque version of tapas, are haute cuisine in miniature. They are an explosion of flavours in bite-size portions, cutting-edge culinary treats, innovative in both form and presentation. Today, the pintxo crawl is one of the most common ways of socializing among locals. It's easy enough. Just head to the streets of any town centre and you're sure to find an array of pintxos lined up on the counters. Going out for pintxos it´s a ritual un Gipuzkoa. We just love it. And everybody love it. Here are some tips to make your best in the experience of going for pintxos: If it’s a cold pintxo, it is usually available at the bar, and you just serve yourself. If it is a hot pintxo, ask the waiter. When you go out for pintxos, it is normal to order something to eat and drink in each bar and then move on to the next one In the bars, the length of the stick (if the pintxo actually has a stick) does not indicate the price range. If in doubt, ask the waiter. You usually pay at the end​. In groups of friends, it is usual to buy rounds or to put money into a kitty before you start (as opposed to just paying your own way in each bar).



Pintxo-hopping in Hondarribia

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Pintxo-hopping in San Sebastián

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Pintxo-hopping in Tolosa

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