Gipuzkoa has a long chocolate-making tradition. Following its introduction to Europe, local confectioners were quick to learn the techniques for elaborating this delicious new product. Some of the chocolate companies founded at that time are still in business today, keeping up the family tradition. What better way of discovering the secrets of chocolate making: by learning to manufacture (and taste!) it yourself. Here are three ways you can let yourself be led into this sweet temptation.



Mendaro chocolates

The firm dates back to 1850, when it was founded by the great-great-grandfather of today's master chocolatier.

Rafa Gorrotxategi Chocolates

Rafa Gorrotxategi opens his workshop to visitors and anyone wanting to crown their confectionery experience by making their very own sweets.

Txokolateixia Chocolate Interpretation Centre

On show at the centre are some old chocolate pots, grinders, moulds and millstones for grinding the cocoa.

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