Would you like to go back in time, discover underground caves, travel on a steam engine, galloped on horseback just like Indiana Jones? Well, put on your hat and get ready for some great adventures!



Oiasso Museum

Oiasso, standing at the mouth of the Bidasoa River was the port city of the Vascones in Roman times.

Leitzaran Biotope

Declared a protected biotope because of the quality of its riverside forest.

Horseback riding

An excellent plan for the whole family: horseback riding in the beautiful Peñas de Aia Natural Park

Fort of San Marcos

A 19th-century military construction built for defensive purposes.


Ekain is one of the best kept treasures in the Basque Country and one of the most important prehistoric sanctuaries in Europe.


Standing in San Sebastian’s Miramón technology park, the Eureka Zientzia Museoa is a space to learn about science for people of all ages; a place to have fun with experiments and understand the scientific principles.


This is a project promoted by the Kutxa Social Work department to raise awareness and explain the need for sustainable, respectful behaviour in regard to the environment.


An underground baroque cathedral created by the forces of nature.


The Arditurri mines ran almost non-stop for 2000 years.

Basque railway museum

The Basque Railway Museum in Azpeitia has one of the best railway collections in all Europe, including steam, diesel and electric engines, railcars and all types of carriages.


Iron has always played a particularly important part in the evolution of the Basque Country.

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