Nothing is impossible for a good mountain climber. Lace up your boots and climb the highest peaks, walk along beautiful trails, scale the heights using ropes and ice axe, and fly through the trees on a zip line. Be a daredevil!



Peñas de Aia Natural Park

The fascinating Peñas de Aia mountains dominate the landscape stretching from San Sebastian to the French border.

Talaia Route - GR 121

GR routes are long-distance footpaths of 50 kilometres or more designed to take at least two days; walking.

Pagoeta Natural Park in Aia

The Aia natural park is located between Orio and Zarautz.

Santa Barbara climbing school

Try your hand at rock climbing and reach new heights!

In the shadow of Txindoki

Txindokiko Itzala is an adventure park suitable for all ages.

Arditurri rail trail

A walk along the former railway line, a perfect combination of nature and history

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