Gipuzkoa is in itself a place packed with traditions, history, art, etc., making it the perfect place to visit museums of different kinds and subject matter. From museums dedicated to hugely important artists such as Chillida and Balenciaga to smaller yet no less interesting options such as the one dedicated to Victor Hugo in Pasajes San Juan, or others with specific themes for the younger members of the family.

San Sebastian

Rezola Cement Museum

Cement is an element of enormous importance in our civilisation.

Añorga Hiribidea, 36
20018 Donostia-San Sebastian

Laboratorium museum

The museum takes visitors on a tour of the evolution of education, scientific research and innovation.

Juan Irazabal Pasealekua, 1
20570 Bergara

Arms industry museum

The Debabarrena region, and more specifically Eibar, has always had close connections with the arms industry.

Bista-Eder Kalea, 10
20600 Eibar

The Machine Tool Museum

The Machine Tool Museum is a tribute to the ironworkers, blacksmiths and artisans of Elgoibar who consolidated the local iron industry.

Azkue Bailara, 1
20870 Elgoibar
San Sebastian


Standing in San Sebastian’s Miramón technology park, the Eureka Zientzia Museoa is a space to learn about science for people of all ages; a place to have fun with experiments and understand the scientific principles.

Mikeletegi Pasealekua, 43
20009 Donostia
San Sebastian


Create, create and create! After 90 years as a tobacco factory, in 2015 Tabakalera opened its doors as an International Centre for Contemporary Culture.

Andre zigarrogileak plaza, 1
20012 Donostia-San Sebastian
San Sebastian


This is a project promoted by the Kutxa Social Work department to raise awareness and explain the need for sustainable, respectful behaviour in regard to the environment.

Carretera Rekalde - Hernani, GI-2132
20009 Donostia-San Sebastian

Basque railway museum

The Basque Railway Museum in Azpeitia has one of the best railway collections in all Europe, including steam, diesel and electric engines, railcars and all types of carriages.

Julián Elortza Hiribidea, 8
20730 Azpeitia

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