Gipuzkoa is in itself a place packed with traditions, history, art, etc., making it the perfect place to visit museums of different kinds and subject matter. From museums dedicated to hugely important artists such as Chillida and Balenciaga to smaller yet no less interesting options such as the one dedicated to Victor Hugo in Pasajes San Juan, or others with specific themes for the younger members of the family.



A visit to the Nautilus Geological Interpretation Centre is like a trip back in time to a period when dinosaurs roamed the earth and ammonites were the kings of the sea.

Jose Antonio Ezeiza Kalea, 3
20830 Mutriku


The exhibition also has fossils from all over the world, as well as a section exclusively dedicated to rocks.

Jauregi Kalea, 19
20700 Urretxu

Mufomi, fossil and mineral museum

Mufomi, in Elgoibar, has the biggest fossil and mineral collection in the Basque Country.

Artetxe Kalea, s/n
20870 Elgoibar


Welcome to Luberri, the Geological Interpretation Centre of Oiartzun.

Pagoaldea Pol. 41-42 (Barrio Ergoien)
20180 Oiartzun

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