Gipuzkoa is in itself a place packed with traditions, history, art, etc., making it the perfect place to visit museums of different kinds and subject matter. From museums dedicated to hugely important artists such as Chillida and Balenciaga to smaller yet no less interesting options such as the one dedicated to Victor Hugo in Pasajes San Juan, or others with specific themes for the younger members of the family.

San Sebastian

Rezola Cement Museum

Cement is an element of enormous importance in our civilisation.

Añorga Hiribidea, 36
20018 Donostia-San Sebastian

Oiasso Museum

Oiasso, standing at the mouth of the Bidasoa River was the port city of the Vascones in Roman times.

Eskoleta, 1
20302 Irun


The Algorri Interpretation Centre stands in the natural surroundings of Zumaia and provides a splendid opportunity to learn more about different ecosystems.

Juan Belmonte, 21
20750 Zumaia


A visit to the Nautilus Geological Interpretation Centre is like a trip back in time to a period when dinosaurs roamed the earth and ammonites were the kings of the sea.

Jose Antonio Ezeiza Kalea, 3
20830 Mutriku

Laboratorium museum

The museum takes visitors on a tour of the evolution of education, scientific research and innovation.

Juan Irazabal Pasealekua, 1
20570 Bergara

Eibar Civil War Interpretation Centre

This is a good starting point for visiting places such as Arrate, Akondia, Kalamua, Urko and Aginaga and stands in the colony of Arrate.

Arrate Balle Auzoa, 2
20600 Eibar

Arms industry museum

The Debabarrena region, and more specifically Eibar, has always had close connections with the arms industry.

Bista-Eder Kalea, 10
20600 Eibar

The Machine Tool Museum

The Machine Tool Museum is a tribute to the ironworkers, blacksmiths and artisans of Elgoibar who consolidated the local iron industry.

Azkue Bailara, 1
20870 Elgoibar
Pasai Donibane

Victor Hugo House

The French poet and writer Victor Hugo fell in love with Pasaia during his stay there in 1843.

(Closed for the moment)
Donibane Kalea, 63
20110 Pasai Donibane
San Sebastian

Diocesan museum

The San Sebastian Diocesan Museum, housed in the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Churchbuilding in Amara, exhibits a collection of Basque religious sculptures, paintings and articles in silver and gold dating from the 17th to the 21st centuries.

31 de Agosto Kalea, 46
20003 Donostia-San Sebastian


Traditional music is one of the pillars of culture in the San Sebastian Region.

Tornola Kalea, 6 (Barrio Ergoien)
20190 Oiartzun

Museum Menchu Gal

She was the first woman to receive the National Painting Prize in 1959 for her work Un paisaje de Arráyoz.

Urdanibia Plaza, 5
20304 Irun
San Sebastian


The San Sebastian Aquarium is the oldest aquarium and museum dedicated to marine natural sciences in Spain.

Plaza de Carlos Blasco Imaz, 1
20003 Donostia

Gorrotxategi museum

Xaxu, the Gorrotxategi confectionery museum in Tolosa, invites you to take a sweet tour of confectionery-making from the 14th to the 19th centuries.

Letxuga kalea, 3
20400 Tolosa


Ekain is one of the best kept treasures in the Basque Country and one of the most important prehistoric sanctuaries in Europe.

Portale kalea 1
20740 Zestoa
San Sebastian


Standing in San Sebastian’s Miramón technology park, the Eureka Zientzia Museoa is a space to learn about science for people of all ages; a place to have fun with experiments and understand the scientific principles.

Mikeletegi Pasealekua, 43
20009 Donostia


The Tolosa International Puppet Centre is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Euskal Herria Plaza, 1
20400 Tolosa

Zumalakarregi museum

Ormaiztegi is the setting for the Zumalakarregi Museum, a journey back to the Basque Country of the 19th century, a period of enormous social, cultural, economic and political upheaval.

Muxika Egurastokia Kalea, 6
20216 Ormaiztegi
San Sebastian


Create, create and create! After 90 years as a tobacco factory, in 2015 Tabakalera opened its doors as an International Centre for Contemporary Culture.

Andre zigarrogileak plaza, 1
20012 Donostia-San Sebastian


The exhibition also has fossils from all over the world, as well as a section exclusively dedicated to rocks.

Jauregi Kalea, 19
20700 Urretxu


The museum explains the way bees live and function, with displays of both old and working hives.

Carretera Santa Bárbara, s/n
20700 Urretxu

Igartubeiti farmhouse museum

Located in Ezkio-Itxaso, the museum revives the history and evolution of Basque farmhouses over a period of more than 1,000 years.

Ezkio bidea z/g
20709 Ezkio-Itxaso

Chillida leku

Chillida-Leku is the fulfilment of that dream, a place to discover the trajectory of the artist from San Sebastian.

Jauregi Bailara, 66
20120 Hernani
San Sebastian

House of history

The House of History takes a look back in time at the city, and it does so in the place most suited to the purpose: Mount Urgull.

Plaza Zuloaga 1
20003 Donostia-San Sebastian
San Sebastian


This is a project promoted by the Kutxa Social Work department to raise awareness and explain the need for sustainable, respectful behaviour in regard to the environment.

Carretera Rekalde - Hernani, GI-2132
20009 Donostia-San Sebastian

Mater Museum

Sea is the only frontier of the Mater Museum, a Basque tuna fishing boat converted into a floating museum, an opportunity to learn all about fishing in the Bay of Biscay and the work of those who manned them.

Calle Arraunlaria, s/n
20110 Pasaia

Way of St James interpretation centre

The Way of St James has several routes opened by pilgrims from Europe as they headed for the tomb of James the Apostle in the 9th century.

Nagusi Kalea, 17
20810 Orio

Barandiaran museum

The Larruntza Mill, in the San Gregorio neighbourhood of Ataun, looks at the life and work of the prestigious anthropologist and ethnographer Joxemiel Barandiaran.

Larruntza Errota z/g
20211 Ataun

Mufomi, fossil and mineral museum

Mufomi, in Elgoibar, has the biggest fossil and mineral collection in the Basque Country.

Artetxe Kalea, s/n
20870 Elgoibar
San Sebastian

Naval museum

A place to discover Basque maritime history and heritage.

Kaiko Pasealekua, 24
20003 Donostia-San Sebastian


The Argazki & Zinema Museoa in Zarautz reveals the world seen through a lens.

San Inazio Kalea, 11
20800 Zarautz

Shepherding eco-museum

Standing in the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park, the Erreizabal farmhouse immerses visitors in the reality of the shepherds who focus their activity on producing cheese.

Caserío Erraizabal (Barrio Telleriarte)
20230 Legazpi

Chillida lantoki

Eduardo Chillida made his enormous sculptures at a workshop in Legazpi.

Azpikoetxe Kalea, s/n
20320 Legazpi
Leintz Gatzaga

Salt eco-museum

The White Gold industry played a decisive role in the foundation and economic development of Leintz-Gatzaga.

Dorletara Bidea, s/n
20530 Leintz Gatzaga
San Sebastian

San Telmo Museum

Opened in 1902, San Sebastian’s San Telmo Museum is the oldest in the Basque Country.

Plaza Zuloaga, 1
20003 Donostia-San Sebastian

Z Cultural Space

Cultural site, conceived, planned and created from 1910 to 1920 by Basque painter Ignacio Zuloaga (b. Elgeta 1870).

Santiago Auzoa, 3
20750 Zumaia


At Sagardoetxea, the Museum of Basque Cider, you can enjoy the culture of cider, hallmark of the Basques and their customs.

Kale Nagusia Kalea, 48
20115 Astigarraga

Ibarraundi Museum

The Eskoriatza School Museum was founded in 1986 in premises in the City Hall, to complement the teaching of history in the Luis Ezeiza public school.

Intxaurtxueta, s/n
20540 Eskoriatza

Lili Palace

This work has been created by merging real scenes and characters with a dramatization by an actress.

Portale Kalea, 1
20740 Zestoa

Santa Maria la Real

The Santa María La Real- Archaeological/Monumental Site in Zarautz consists of the Zarautz Bell Tower —which houses the Museum of Art and History of Zarautz— the Santa María La Real Parish Church.

Elizaurre, 1
20800 Zarautz


Welcome to Luberri, the Geological Interpretation Centre of Oiartzun.

Pagoaldea Pol. 41-42 (Barrio Ergoien)
20180 Oiartzun

Jantziaren Zentroa

Located in an eighteenth-century building, the “Kapitain-etxea” project was created with the help of Errenteria town council.

Kapitainenea Kalea, 6
20100 Renteria

Antonio Oteiza Foundation

Always adapting to the local circumstances and mimicking the surroundings, Antonio Oteiza's work can be found across the world.

Palacio Intsausti, Avenida Julio Urkijo
20720 Azkoitia

Exhibition: butterflies of the world

Visitors to this permanent exhibition can admire the beauty and colour of real butterfly specimens from across the globe.

Larritxipi 5, bajo
20304 Irun


An underground baroque cathedral created by the forces of nature.

Barrio Araotz, s/n
20567 Oñati


The Arditurri mines ran almost non-stop for 2000 years.

Arditurri bidea, 3 (Parque Natural Aiako Harria)
20180 Oiartzun
Pasai San Pedro


Located in Pasajes San Pedro, only a few kilometres from San Sebastian, Albaola is the Basque Maritime Factory.

Ondartxo, 1
20110 Pasai San Pedro

Basque railway museum

The Basque Railway Museum in Azpeitia has one of the best railway collections in all Europe, including steam, diesel and electric engines, railcars and all types of carriages.

Julián Elortza Hiribidea, 8
20730 Azpeitia

Ur Mara

Ur Mara is the ideal spot to enjoy the essence of natural beauty and its relationship with art.

Azaldegi Bailara
20494 Alkiza

Cristobal Balenciaga Museum

Getaria is the home of the first major museum in the world exclusively dedicated to a couturier, reflecting the universal importance of the Getaria-born designer in the field of fashion and haute couture.

Aldamar Parkea Parkea, 6
20808 Getaria


The D’Elikatuz food and gastronomy interpretation centre in Ordizia is the perfect place to learn about the textures and flavours of the land.

Santamaria-Andre Mari Kalea, 24
20240 Ordizia

Larraul ecomuseum

A new museum concept born from local initiative

San Esteban Plaza
20159 Larraul


Iron has always played a particularly important part in the evolution of the Basque Country.

Parque Mirandaola, s/n
20230 Legazpi

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