Egun on in Basque means Good morning. Know more words.
Azoka in Basque means Market. Know more words.
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At that point, people from the towns of Oñati and Arrasate began to make pilgrimages to the site.

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Today the shrine is one of the main draws of spiritual tourism in the Basque Country.

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A pintxo crawl is probably the best way to explore San Sebastian's old town.

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Saturday is the best day to visit Tolosa.

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Tolosa market


Gipuzkoa is the perfect combination.

Leire Baños · Real Sociedad player

Barely 2000 square metres, a little more than a city like London, manages to hold a cosmopolitan capital such as San Sebastián, a traditional culture and the oldest language in Europe, 86 km of versatile coastline and a lush green, maze-like countryside. Gipuzkoa is a concentrated territory divided into 5 destinations. That you enjoy them intensely.

Five Destinations

Discover Gipuzkoa

Basque Coast
Ignatian Land
Cider Country
San Sebastian
Rural Paradise
Gipuzkoako egunsentia

Reservation Center

In the official Reservation Center for Gipuzkoa Turismoa you can directly book hotels, hostels and all types of accommodation, as well as the best activities and excursions to get to know the best of our territory.

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