• Welcome to Gipuzkoa

    Welcome to Gipuzkoa

    We invite to come to a province that is different and small but intense, where you will be able to share genuine experiences for all the senses, for all ages throughout the entire year.

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The Gipuzkoa Top 10

The Guipúzcoa coastline’s longest beach and much more
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A walled town with the scent of the sea
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Basque Coast Geopark (UNESCO)
Itsasora erortzen diren itsaslabarren eta historiaurretik bizileku izan diren haran berdeen artean.
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Chillida Leku
A combination of art and nature
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The Loiola Sanctuary
Art and spirituality in the heart of Gipuzkoa.
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The “Txotx” ritual
Visit, tasting and local produce at a cider house
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The Arantzazu Sanctuary
The Arantzazu Sanctuary and the Aizkorri-Aratz Nature Park, an exceptional natural environment.
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Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum (Getaria)
The cradle of Elkano and txakoli wine
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Albaola (Pasaia)
Albaola, the Basque Sea Factory and Pasaia Bay, Gipuzkoa’s maritime heritage
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Aralar Nature Park and the Txindoki
Idiazabal cheese and the traditional Tolosa and Ordizia markets
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