Amalur Days 2022




From 29 September to 27 November, seven lectures will be offered; a training day for young people to develop a more critical awareness of global change; and a three-day course on techniques for recording sounds in nature by Carlos de Hita. This edition brings new developments, as it will feature an exhibition and a show, with the aim of enhancing the connection with citizens through other artistic expressions. The show will be the musical theatre "Viaje a pie" by Julio Villar, and the exhibition, under the title "USK Garabateando Bidasoa", will be seen at the Topic during the Amalur Days. Deputy Foral Asensio has valued these days. "These days are a source of value and Alberto Luengo has managed with the Amalur Days to make visible the values and ideas of the ecological transition that are now at the heart of the European agenda, such as the challenges of climate change, the biodiversity crisis, the balance of ecosystems and the promotion of sustainable development as a basis for the well-being of society."

Amalur Days 2022






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