Mardari Auzoa 12 , 20829 ITZIAR Deba
943 199 389

Familiar, quiet and peaceful farmhouse dedicated to the agricultural production, mainly cider. It is located at the foot of Itziar, surrounded by meadows and mountains. It consists of six double rooms provided with bathrooms, low energy consumption heating and television. Decorated with refurbished old furniture. A separate exit to a porch overlooking the little valley where the farmhouse is located. Besides, it has an apartment with two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and terrace. It offers the possibility of buying handmade products and cider. It has a cider house where it serves the typical menu with cod, chop and cider.


  • Bar/Coffee bar
  • Boardroom
  • Dining-room
  • Entertainment
  • Garden
  • Golf court
  • Green areas
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Meeting room
  • Product Club
  • Quality Assurance
  • Shops
  • TV
  • The Internet
  • Trees
  • Way of Saint James
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