Goiburu Auzoa 333, 20140 GOIBURU Andoain
943 590 721

Located in Leizaran Valley, Txertota was inaugurated in 1997 following the long restoration process of the family farmhouse that dates back to the 18th century. It consists of 6 comfortable rooms with one bathroom each, hairdryer and television. Restaurant with a capacity of 100 guests and winery available.

An extraordinary setting with 3000 sq metres parcel that provides Txertoa with an exceptional area of green landscape and cosy peace for tourists.


  • Bar/Coffee bar
  • Boardroom
  • Entertainment
  • Golf court
  • Green areas
  • Hairdryer
  • Product Club
  • Restaurant
  • TV
  • The Internet
  • Trees
  • Way of Saint James
Gipuzkoako egunsentia

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