Top 10 Gipuzkoa

Pasaia Bay

The Pasaia Bay is home to Pasai Donibane, one of the great treats of this route — a seafaring town with just one street.

This unusual village attracted the admiration of French novelist Victor Hugo in his book ‘The Pyrenees’ (you can visit the author's house/museum, Hugoenea). Take a stroll up to the northern mouth and admire this fjord-like estuary no more than 200 metres wide, or walk up to the Santa Ana chapel for its views out over the harbour. Another of the great attractions is to take the small ferry across the estuary from Pasai Donibane to Pasai San Pedro and visit Albaola, the Basque Maritime Factory. In this shipyard-museum you can see the painstaking artisan construction of a life-size replica of the whaling ship San Juan, a Basque galleon wrecked off the Canadian coast in the sixteenth-century.

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