Altzaga bidea 1, 20248 ALTZAGA Altzaga
943 887 726

Olagi, the agritourism farmhouse, located in Altzaga, close to San Sebastián, has everything you could need to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Rooms have WiFi and television. One room is adapted for reduced mobility guests and the farmhouse features a lounge with television and DVD, a terrace, a library, bar, kitchen and a grill where guests can cook their own food.

It also has a wine cellar and a restaurant where you can choose between a typical cider house menu, a la carte menu and a daily menu.

Nestled out in the countryside, you can see and learn firsthand how cider is made and how farm hens are bred.


  • Bar/Coffee bar
  • Boardroom
  • Credit card payments
  • Dining-room
  • Green areas
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Meeting room
  • Product Club
  • Restaurant
  • TV
  • The Internet
  • Trees
  • Way of Saint James
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