Top 10 Gipuzkoa

On the Chillida trail

Gipuzkoa is a perfect starting point to learn more about the life and artwork of sculptor Eduardo Chillida.

Probably his best-known work is "Wind Comb", which has become one of the symbols of Donostia-San Sebastian. For Chillida, the beauty of the piece comprises the sum total of all its parts: the setting, the sea and his sculpture itself. The Chillida Leku Museum, located in the Zabalaga estate and farmhouse (Hernani), is like an enchanted forest where iron, stone, alabaster, trees and visitors all combine in perfect harmony. It's a must-see. Chillida Lantoki (Legazpi), is an old paper mill which has been turned into a museum, showcasing the artist's relationship with the town. Legazpi has deep-seated links to the iron industry, and it was here that some of his best-known works were forged. In this aptly-named “Iron Valley”, you can also visit the charming forge of Mirandaola. Chillida also designed the doors of the Sanctuary of Arantzazu (Oñati), one of the province's chief spiritual landmarks, which contains some of the most representative works of contemporary Basque art.